Dr. Andreas Braune (Programme Management 2022)

From the very beginning, the festival has been very close to my heart and I thank Nora Hilgert very much for her commitment in the past year. Together with our many partners in the city, the state, the federal government and other European countries, we want to continuously develop the festival, increase its appeal beyond the city of Weimar and make the Rendez-vous a lively forum for debates on strengthening democratic and European remembrance culture. We will use this year to make the Rendez-vous better known in other parts of Thuringia in a different form.

Andreas Braune holds a doctorate in political science and is co-director of the Weimar Republic Research Centre at Friedrich Schiller University in Jena. He was already the academic coordinator of the Weimar Rendez-vous with History from 2012 to 2016 and has also been active on the academic advisory board since then. In addition to the history of German democracy and the history and politics of the Weimar Republic, his fields of work also include modern political theory and the history of ideas as well as the theory and practice of civil disobedience.

Connected to the festival from the beginning, he particularly appreciates the many opportunities for critical and scholarly discourse on historical, political and social issues that it offers every year.