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30 – 31 October 2022: One day, several locations in Thuringia, the kick-off event already on 30 October 2022 in Weimar.

This year, the festival has a special format: smaller than usual, but broader than usual: On 31 October 2022, we will devote ourselves to controversial monuments and other controversial places of remembrance, not only in Weimar, but in several cities in Thuringia.

Whether monuments, street names or other places where history is present: Time and again, they provide an occasion for controversial debates about the past and present. This is not only due to Germany’s problematic and complex history, which is even richer in the East with the chapter of the GDR. It is also due to the fact that the assessment of history in society is constantly changing. Where there is still a consensus today, but where perhaps something has been forgotten and suppressed, this need no longer be the case tomorrow.

Such controversies can then ignite at concrete monuments and places. These disputes are important for a democratic society. For they offer an occasion for the exchange of positions, perhaps also for understanding and comprehension. This is exactly what we want to promote and to carry out locally: respectfully, scientifically and oriented towards the matter at hand. So let’s think together: about our problematic monuments!

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Thursday, 13. April 2023

Sunday, 16. April 2023